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xWhatsNew 4.0

xWhatsNew 4.0

For Clarion Versions: 10.x, 5.5, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Price: $49.00
Upgrade Price: $29.95
Release Date: 2016-06-08

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This is a class and template that makes it fast and easy to add a "What's New" feature for your application.

No "BlackBox" (no DLL). Only pure Clarion Code.

Supports SingleExe, MultiDll (Local Mode, Standalone Mode), 32-bit

Compatible with Clarion 10.x, 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x and Clarion 5.5

List of features:

  • Automatic generation of a file with history of the versions of your product (entries can be tagged to show Changes, Additions, Deletions, etc.)
  • Import WhatsNew file from our xWhatsNew FREE Template
  • Start WhatsNew window automatically if file whatsnew.txt is new
  • Start WhatsNew window after Splash Window
  • Option for show Listbox with versions list
  • Option for show "legend"
  • Fast jump up and down through WhatsNew.txt file between versions by CtrlUpKey and CtrlDownKey
  • Find/Find Next in WhatsNew file.

Include in bundles: xDesign Suite #1, xDesign Suite #2, xInformation Pack, xProfessional Pack, xXXL Pack

4.0 2016-06-08
  • This is new version that was rewritten for Clarion 10.x , 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x and Clarion 5.5 compatibility!
  • New Installers with support through Clarion 10
  • New Help files in .CHM format
  • New demo programs for Single EXE and Multi-DLL apps that are NOT dependent on other SealSoft templates
  • Full LANSRAD customer support once you are on this version
2.0 2006-04-25
  • Compatibility with Clarion 6.3 (build 9052).
    xWhatsNew is compatible with all versions of Clarion 6.x (6.3, 6.2, 6.1);
  • Changes in Template for setting xWhatsNew Template items in frame menu.
    You can set/change font, color, hight, width, offset etc;
  • Changes in Class and Template for compatibility with our xToolTip and xToolTipPro;
  • Updated Installation kits for supporting installation for Clarion 6.3;
1.9 2005-07-17
  • Compatible with Clarion 6.2 (build 9046);
  • New installation kits created by SetupBuilder 5.0;
1.8 2005-01-29

New in this version:

  • Small changes in class.
    Now xWhatsNew window have small button for closing window, in right-bottom corner
    of legend panel. If panel is off, button hides;
1.7 2004-08-16

New in this version:

  • xWhatsNew now can create some type of documentation file.
    All versions line put in text file in following format:
    v1.5|28 April 2002|||*|Settings now saved in ini-file. You can use ini-file of your program for this purpose. You can set full name of ini-file or name of Variable with exclamation symbol at first position;
    v1.4|26 February 2002|||+|New feature. Starting xTipOfDay after Splash Window. New Extension Template must be added in Splash Procedure for this purpose;
1.6 2004-06-10
  • Unpublished technical update;
1.5 2004-05-17

New in this version:

  • Small changes in class. Now at first start xWhatsNew window have
    centered position in frame and legend panel is ON;
1.4 2004-03-31

New in this version:

  • Changes in template. Code for generate xWhatsNew file moved to
    the Global Extension;
  • New option in Global Extension template.
    If you use option “Program will work under Windows XP”, you can choose
    “Include or not default XP manifest into EXE;
  • New Option in Main Extension.
    Now you can refuse creation of xWhatsNew item in the Frame menu.
    For call xWhatsNew window manually you can use Code Template.
    So, you can use xWhatsNew in application with any type of Main window.
    Not only for Frame menu;
1.3 2003-10-09
  • New option in Global Extension template for support Windows XP;
1.2 2003-09-18
  • Option for select Font and Charset for Main xWhatsNew window was
    added. Now you have ability of full localization xWhatsNew for your
    end users.
1.1 2003-09-11
  • You can set Date format for xWhatsNew file;
1.0 2003-09-09
  • Original (first) release;