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xTipOfDay 4.0

xTipOfDay 4.0

For Clarion Versions: 10.x, 5.5, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Price: $49
Release Date: February 10, 2016

ABC Template Chain ONLY

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xTipOfDay is a Class and Template set that makes it easy for you to add a "Tip Of The Day" feature to your applications.

It only takes about five minutes to implement.  Using it can improve your sales and lower your support by making sure that users know how to get the most out of your applications.

Implementing xTipOfDay...

  • 1st minute
    Run the installation file, select your Clarion version and let the installer register the xTipOfDay template;
  • 2nd minute
     Open your application, add the global extension, then go to the frame and select 'Extension and Control Templates';
  • 3rd minute
    Press Insert button and go to the end of the list and select xTipOfDay;
  • 4th minute
    Go to 'Setup' Tab and select menu item (equate label) after which the item 'Tip of Day...' will be inserted. Important!! If application generate by Wizard, some menu items can be without equate labels. Setup them byself;
  • 5th minute
    Close frame procedure and compile program.  That is all!  Start adding your tips to the list and enjoy the results!

No "BlackBox" (no DLL). Only pure Clarion Code
Supports SingleExe, MultiDll (Local Mode, Standalone Mode)
ABC Template Chain Only
Compatible with Clarion 10.x, Clarion 9.x, Clarion 8.x, Clarion 7.x, Clarion 6.x and Clarion 5.5

Include in bundles: xInformation Pack, xProfessional Pack, xXXL Pack

4.0 2016-2-10
  • First release as a LANSRAD supported product.
  • All code comments were translated to English.
  • Updated template for better C10.x/C9.x/C8.x/C7.x support and better support for Multi-DLL apps.
  • Changed variable name in class for compatibility with other xProduct templates.
  • A new feature was added that allows you to designate any tip as the “default” tip and then have that tip displayed first (every time the tips are opened).
  • You can also specify in the template if the user is allowed to turn off the tips or not.
  • Added Norwegian translation (.TRN) file – courtesy of Are Lind
  • Implemented generic (non-version specific) template names to make it easier to upgrade in the future.
  • New and improved documentation (a work in progress).
  • Updated example apps.  Simplified and removed other xProduct templates so that developers who did not have them would not get errors on startup.
2.7 2006-06-06
  • Bugfix. Small template bugfix for compatibility with our xToolTip and xToolTipPro.
    Error in description of exported method was fixed;
  • Bugfix. Changes in Class. Error in the class for show the next Tip was fixed;
2.6 2006-05-14
  • Unpublished internal update;
2.5 2006-04-27
  • Compatible with Clarion 6.x (6.3, 6.2, 6.1);
  • Two new templates. Control and Code template for run xTipOfDay window;
  • Changes in class and template for compatibility with our xToolTip and xToolTipPro;
  • New Installation kit for supporting installation for Clarion 6.3;
2.4 2005-07-15
  • Compatible with Clarion 6.2 (build 9046);
  • New installation kits created by SetupBuilder 5.0;
2.3 2005-01-29 New in this version:

  • Changes in class and template for compatibility with last C6.1 builds;
2.2 2004-06-17 New in this version:

  • Clarion 6.1 (RC2) supported now;
  • Changes in class. xTipOfDay main window now has “Prev.Tip” button;
2.1 2004-03-23
  • Unpublished technical update.
2.0 2003-10-13 This is new advanced version!

  • We rewrote xTipOfDay and now it without any “BlackBox” (without DLL).
    Only pure Clarion Code. And now you can use it with all version of Clarion
    without any problem;
  • xTipOfDay now using standard TRN file for localization;
  • New CHM help file;
  • New installation kits;
  • Some cosmetic changes;
  • Some small bugs were fixed;
1.9 2003-10-13 New in this version:

  • Clarion 6 CR5 supported now;
  • Small changes in template. If you use option “Program will work under
    Windows XP”, you can choose “Include or not default XP manifest into
  • New feature. You can select some procedure for starting after xTOD;
1.8 2003-07-04 New advanced version!

  • Clarion 6 supported now!
  • Support two Main xTipOfDay window. You can set, how main window
    xTipOfDay will look. Go tab “Theme” and select between “Standard
    window” and “New window”;
  • New documentation;
1.7 2003-05-11
  • Small template bugfix with XP suport feature.
1.6 2003-03-25
  • Windows XP supported now!
    Small changes in template and class was made for support Windows XP
    schemes. If you turn On checkbox “Program will work under Windows XP”
    on “General” tab xTipOfDay extension all checkboxes and options will be
    without “Transparent” attribute. And Window XP manifest resource will be
    automatically compiled into your program.
1.5 2002-04-28
  • Some important modifications. Datafile with Tips and setting are divided
    into two file. Main datafile must be TPS-file. You can set full name of
    TPS file or name of Variable with exclamation symbol at first position.
  • Settings now saved in ini-file. You can use ini-file of your program for
    this purpose. You can set full name of ini-file or name of Variable with
    exclamation symbol at first position.
1.4 2002-02-26 New features.

  • Starting xTipOfDay after Splash Window. New Extension Template must
    be added in Splash Procedure for this purpose.
  • Small bugfix. The problem of use in one application together with other
    our products xDataBackupManager’s, xNotes, xAppwalpaper and
    xAppWalpaper Manager was fixed.
1.3 2002-02-15
  • Unpublished technical update.
1.2 2002-02-10
  • The input of a registration information is simplified.
    You have two variants. To enter your Registration info in application
    or in the file-license xTipDay.LIC; If you use file-license, all your
    applications will can use automatically this file, and you should not
    each time enter your code.
  • BugFix. The problem of access to xTipOfDay datafile of several copies
    of the program simultaneously, was fixed.
1.1 2001-10-10
  • Minor template fix. The problem of use in one application together
    with xDataBackupManager’s (Pro and Lite) and xAppWalpaper Manager
    was fixed.
1.0 2001-10-07
  • Original (first) release