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xPictureBrowse 4.0

xPictureBrowse 4.0

For Clarion Versions: 10.x, 5.5, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Price: $49.00
Upgrade Price: $29.95
Release Date: 2016-01-13

ABC Template Chain ONLY

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xPictureBrowse is a class and template set that makes it easy to preview images (from external files or from blob fields), choose an image from the preview selection and display it on a window or on a report.  Automatic scaling of images when the window is resized is also supported.

No "BlackBox" (no DLL). Only pure Clarion Code.
ABC Template Chain Only
Support SingleExe, MultiDll (Local Mode, Standalone Mode), 32-bit
Compatible with Clarion 10.x, Clarion 9.x, Clarion 8.x, Clarion 7.x, Clarion 6.x and Clarion 5.5

Include in bundles: xDesign Suite #2, xProfessional Pack, xXXL Pack

4.0 2016-01-13
  • First release as a LANSRAD supported product.
  • The class and template were rewritten to work with newer versions of Clarion (including Clarion 10)
  • All code comments were translated to English.
  • Updated template for better C10.x/C9.x/C8.x/C7.x support and better support for Multi-DLL apps.
  • Implemented generic (non-version specific) template names to make it easier to upgrade in the future.
  • New and improved documentation (a work in progress).
  • Updated example apps.  Simplified and removed other xProduct templates so that developers who did not have them would not get errors on startup.
2.4a 2010-07-21
  • Compatibility with Clarion 7
2.4 2005-07-21
  • Compatible with Clarion 6.2 (build 9046);
  • New installation kits created by SetupBuilder 5.0;
  • Some small bugs in class were fixed;
2.3 2003-11-28 1. Bugfix!

  • Bug with crash program on procedure with ViewPicture control in DLL mode was fixed.
    Now xPictureBrowse required global extension template for export class definition.
    For MultiDll program you must insert global template into main data app and into each
    app, where you use xPictureBrowse class;
  • Because that the name of xPicture browse source files was renamed with short 8.3
    name for compatibility with Clarion 5.
    xpicbrowse.clw -> xpbrowse.clw ->
    xpicbrowse.trn -> xpbrowse.trn

    The name of template don’t changed. So, after installation this version of
    xPictureBrowse delete old xpicbrowse.* files from your 3dPartyLibSrc folder.

    2. New feature.

  • Options for include/compile Windows XP manifest file into your program was added.
    You can find this options into global extension template on “Setup” tab.
    If your program is MultiDll, you must insert global extension into exe app for using this
    feature, even if you not use xPictureBrowse Class in this app.
2.2 2003-11-25 New feature.

  • Now you can set filter wildcard mask for xPBrowseClass. It can be plain text as ‘*.jpg’
    or name of Variable with exclamation symbol at first position.
    For example: !xPB:FilterMask
    In runtime you can change this filter and set Enable/Disable filter from popup-menu
    PictureBrowse main window;
2.1 2003-11-22 New advanced version.

  • Clarion 6 (Release Candidat) supported now;
  • Translation via TRN-file supported now;
  • New template xViewPictureForReport for show picture from database in report;
  • New design of main PictureBrowse Window;
  • Fix some little bugs;
  • New CHM Help file;
  • New Installation kits;
2.0 2001-09-09 Template and class was changed and new features was added.

  • xPictureBrowse include now two class xPBrowseClass and xPViewClass which work
    together. Template contains two control extension.One for preview and select graphic
    files from directory. Other for display ImageControl from graphic files on a file name
    or from BLOB-field in the TPS-file;
  • You can set your own Caption for Main xPictureBrowse Window. It can be plain text
    as “Picture Browser” or name of Variable with exclamation symbol at first position.
    For example: !xPB:Caption
    In runtime you can change caption by method:
    xPicBrowse:xx.SetCaption(STRING NewCaption)
    (there xx – number of instance of xPicBrowse Class)
1.2 2001-08-26 Template and class was changed and new features was added.

  • You can assign variable for ‘Default directory’ for open xPictureBrowse.
    You can use various variables in each copy xPictureBrowse;
  • Assign ini-file for saving xPB settings.
    You can use ini-file of your application for this purpose.
1.1 2001-07-30
  • Small cosmetic modifications in the unpublished version 1.1;
1.0 2001-07-09
  • Original (first) release;