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xPathManager 4.0

xPathManager 4.0

For Clarion Versions: 10.x, 5.5, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Price: $69.00
Upgrade Price: $29.95
Release Date: 2016-01-10

Supports BOTH ABC and Legacy (Clarion) Template Chains

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xPathManager is a class/template set that makes it easy for your program to work with multiple data sets in different folder locations.


No "BlackBox" (no DLL). Only pure Clarion Code.
Support SingleExe, MultiDll (Local Mode, Standalone Mode), 32-bit
Compatible with Clarion 10.x, Clarion 9.x, Clarion 8.x, Clarion 7.x, Clarion 6.x (6.3, 6.2, 6.1) and Clarion 5.5
Supports both ABC and Legacy Templates

List of features:

  • Use your own table for storing paths
  •  Customize windows for select and edit paths
  •  Use both "full" and "relative" path to your data files
  •  Works with multi tables TPS files (super files)
  •  Create missing paths
  •  Save last opened path and select it automatically when the SelectPath procedure is opened
  •  Press Shift key when exiting program to reopen SelectPath procedure and select a new path
  •  Use controls (Button) templates for Map and UnMap network drives

Include in bundles: xXXL Pack

4.0 2016-1-10
  • First release as a LANSRAD supported product.
  • The class and template were rewritten to work with newer versions of Clarion (including Clarion 10) 
  • All code comments were translated to English.
  • Updated template for better C10.x/C9.x/C8.x/C7.x support and better support for Multi-DLL apps.
  • Implemented generic (non-version specific) template names to make it easier to upgrade in the future.
  • New and improved documentation (a work in progress).
  • Updated example apps.  Simplified and removed other xProduct templates so that developers who did not have them would not get errors on startup.
1.4.C6x 2006-09-21
  • Compatible with Clarion 6.x (6.3, 6.2, 6.1);
  • Updated demonstration program;
  • New installation kit created by SetupBuilder 5.3, supports Clarion 6.3 now;
1.4 2005-07-16
  • Compatible with Clarion 6.2 (build 9046);
  • New installation kits created by SetupBuilder 5.0;
1.3 2005-05-30 This is bugfix:

  • Error at creation of a name of file, in a case when the name of a file does not coincide
    with the file label, has been fixed;

    Thank’s to Omar Squiabro for finding this bug

1.2 2005-04-05
  • xPathManager support Legacy Template now;

    New features and changes:

  • You can assign default path and Flag variable for use it, and PathManager
    will set this path without opening SelectPath;
  • New methods for manage paths. MapTo and UnMapFrom;
  • New Code Template “MapTo” – code for mapping drives;
  • New Code Template “UnMapFrom” code for disconnecting drive;
  • New Code Template “GetRelativePath”;
  • Changed Example application for showing how to use Default Path feature;
  • Two small Legacy examples for Clarion 6;
1.1 2005-03-09
  • xPathManager don’t support Clarion 5 now;
  • Option for save last opened path and select it when open SelectPath procedure;
  • Option for reopen SelectPath procedure:
    * You can press Shift key when exit program for reopen SelectPath procedure;
    * Or you can control it via variable;
  • New two control (Button) templates for Map and UnMap network drive;
  • Small syntax corrections of English language;
1.0 2005-03-01
  • Original (first) release;