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xFText 4.1

xFText 4.1

For Clarion Versions: 10.x, 5.5, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Price: $59.00
Upgrade Price: $29.95
Release Date: 2016-01-15

Supports BOTH ABC and Legacy (Clarion) Template Chains

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This class/template set make it easy for you to add Text (even 3D Text) and Bitmap Images to the Frame of your application.  You can also change the text or image at runtime and even interact with your users when they left-click or right-click on the item.

This is a full source solution with no "BlackBox" DLLs.  Only Clarion code and WinApi functions.  

It works with both ABC and Clarion (Legacy template chains.


Support SingleExe, MultiDll (Local Mode, Standalone Mode), 32-bit
Compatible with Clarion 10.x, Clarion 9.x, Clarion 8.x, Clarion 7.x, Clarion 6.x and Clarion 5.5

xFText features allow you to:

  • Set global margins for text;
  • Set all attributes of font. Name, size, style, color, charset;
  • Set "Normal", "Light" and "Dark" color of text for 3D text imitation;
  • Set offset for LightColor and DarkColor for 3D texts;
  • Set offset for X- and Y-position for text and bitmap;
  • Write text to any place of Frame. Fixed, Left-Top, Center-Top, Right-Center etc.;
  • Add, change and remove frame text in runtime;
  • Draw bitmap images into any place of frame. Bitmaps can be included into exe-file as resource;
  • Interact with the user - execute code after Mouse clicking on xFText object;
  • Set all parameters via variables;

Include in bundles: xDesign Suite #1, xDesign Suite #2, xInformation Pack, xProfessional Pack, xXXL Pack

4.1 2016-06-20
  • Added support for Nordic charsets in font settings of the class/template.
4.0 2016-01-15
  • New Installers with support through Clarion 10
  • New Help files in .CHM format
  • Class and Template rewritten to support newer versions of Clarion
  • New demo programs for Single EXE and Multi-DLL apps that are NOT dependent on other SealSoft templates
  • Full LANSRAD customer support once you are on this version
3.0 2006-06-25
  • Compatibility with Clarion 7
2.8 2006-11-28
  • New very useful feature. Bitmaps can be included into exe-file as resource now.
    And you do not have necessity to deliver these pictures together with the program
    to your clients!
2.7 2006-09-18
  • New useful feature. You can execute code after Left or/and Right Mouse clicking
    on xFText object;
  • Compatible with Clarion 6.x (6.3, 6.2, 6.1);
  • New installation kits created by SetupBuilder 5.3
2.6 2005-07-14
  • Compatible with Clarion 6.2 (build 9046);
  • New installation kits created by SetupBuilder 5.0;
2.5 2005-03-10
  • New feature, what I want a long time ;-)
    Now you can use not only just text or variable for display on frame.
    Now you can write “pure” Clarion code. Like this: ‘xFText v’ & CLIP(GLO:Version).
    Just turn On option “Pure Code” when you add new xFText line.
    Look item 8 of xFText documentation;
  • Compatible with Clarion 6.1 (build 9032);
2.4 2004-06-16
  • Clarion 6.1 (RC2) supported now!
2.3 2003-07-29
  • Clarion 6 (EA5) supported now!
2.2 2003-01-29 Some changes in class and templates:

  • You can set global margins for bitmaps;
  • You can set x, y-offset for bitmaps;
  • Small bugfix in template. Range of offsets was fixed.
    Thanks to Roberto Artigas Jr.
2.1 2002-12-23
  • xFText methods now available from other dll in MultiDll program.
    (not only from exe-module);
2.0 2002-11-30 xFText complettely rewriting and have many changes in class and templates.

  • Now xFText only on Clarion code and WinApi functions. Without C++ code;
  • Now you can add bitmap image on Frame;
  • You can set global margins for text;
  • You can set offset for LightColor and DarkColor for 3D texts.
  • Some bugs with show text on right-bottom position was fixed;
1.02 2002-11-11 New advanced version. Some changing in template and new methods in class.

  • Legacy Template supported now;
  • Modification in main extension template for add Label for text. For next using in runtime.
  • New methods for add, change and remove frame text in runtime;
  • New code templates: ChangeText, RemoveText, RedrawText;
1.01 2002-10-25
  • Bugfix. Deformation of text after frame resizing was fixed;
1.00 2002-10-22
  • Original (first) release;