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CWTools 1.1 CWTools 1.1

price: Free
release date: 2002-08-17

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CW Tools - small useful utility for :xmisc: easy manage you *.RED files

MS SQL Field Box 2.5 MS SQL Field Box 2.5

price: Free
release date: 14-10-2009

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MS SQL Field Box it is a small tool which allow you view MS SQL Server database structure and paste table or field names in your favorite editor with mouse left double click or keyboard hotkeys. It's a another way of using "IntelliSense" technology :)

MS SQL Field Box helps you to type your T-SQL statements if you are still using the Query Analyzer or MS SQL Server Management Studio Express. You can reach more productivity using both technologies "IntelliSense" and "Field Box".

You can view:
• list of the databases
• tables and their fields
• views and their fields

You can paste in your editor:
• table name
• table field name
• view name
• view field name
• Ctrl+MouseLeft2 or Ctrl+Enter adding comma at end of a pasted name

xButton 2.0 xButton 2.0

for ver: 5.5, 6.x, 7.x
price: Free
release date: 2010-07-13

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xButton - Small Class and Template, which allow to set in design mode, and to change in runtime, the images for concrete buttons on screen and toolbar.

xCheckTPS 1.04 xCheckTPS 1.04

price: Free
release date: 2005-10-03

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This is Free Utility for checking TPS files for errors.

xClarEditor 1.2 xClarEditor 1.2

price: Free
release date: 2005-02-15

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xClarEditor - small useful tool for easy manage your Clarion redirection files

xClarionSwitcher 1.09 xClarionSwitcher 1.09

price: Free
release date: 2006-06-30

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This is Free Utility for easy switching between Clarion 6.3, Clarion 6.2, Clarion 6.1 or Clarion 6.0 installed on single PC.

xFunction Library 2.7 xFunction Library 2.7

for ver: 5.5, 7.x
price: Free
release date: 2010-08-23

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The library of useful procedures and functions.

xPowerManager 1.04 xPowerManager 1.04

price: Free
release date: 2006-04-18

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This is Free Utility for automatically shutdown PC by timer.

xSmartMacro 2.2 xSmartMacro 2.2

price: Free
release date: 2002-10-19

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Beautiful and easy use tool for Clarion developers.
The utility xSmartMacro is intended first of all for the programmers, and probably will facilitate their hard work. The main function of the program consists in an insertion in clipboard of a beforehand circumscribed code (macro). With the help of programs can fast be inserted into the module, procedure or other place of an insertion predetermined macro.?

xWhatsNew Free 1.1 xWhatsNew Free 1.1

price: Free
release date: 2002-06-19

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The template for automatic generation and viewing the file with a history of the versions of a product.?