The SealSoft products were originally developed by Alexander Ivanovsky and Evgeny Stefanenko. They were later acquired by LANSRAD. Improvements to the templates (as well as new products) continue under the LANSRAD development team.

Alexander photo Alexander Ivanovsky
Died: 26 may 2010
Evgeny photo Evgeny Stefanenko

You may ask, what is ‘Seal’?

You think, is it the Great Seal of State Texas?
Or, maybe you think, we are from US Navy Seals? :)
Once again, incorrect!
… Well, we will explain it to you.

CompanyName = SUB(‘Stefanenko’, 1, 1)   & |
LOWER(SUB(‘Evgeny’, 1, 1))   & |
LOWER(SUB(‘Alexander’, 1, 2))   & |
‘Soft Company’  

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