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xReportPreview 4.0 Released

The xReportPreview class and template set has been rewritten so that it now works with Clarion 10.x, 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x and 5.5.

This is a MAJOR upgrade to the template.  Not only does it now work correctly with the newer versions of Clarion, it is also ABC compliant now so it works correctly in Multi-DLL apps.

This class/template set provides an alternate report previewer for Clarion that gives you far more features and control than the standard Clarion report previewer.

You can see the product details here.

The cost for this template is $59.00 USD.

The cost for the 4.0 update (if you own an older version)  is $29.95 USD.

Direct PayPal links have been added so that you can now buy both the template and the upgrade from the product detail page.  This is the fastest delivery method (note – no PayPal account is required and major credit cards are accepted).

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