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9-24-2014 Announcement – LANSRAD acquires SealSoft and all of the xProducts

While not public knowledge until today, LANSRAD ( makers of Clarion ProScan, ProImage, ProPath and other ProSeries templates ) has acquired SealSoft and all of the xProduct templates.

We have been working for some time now to get everything converted to English (such as the code comments), upgrading the templates, creating new Help and Manual documentation in .CHM and HTML help formats and building new universal installers.

This has not been a trivial task by any means and in fact it has taken much, much longer and has been far more work than we originally anticipated.  Currently quite a few of the many xProduct templates have been fully converted, but we have not yet completed the task.  At this time several of the xProduct templates have already received enhancements and bug fixes and more improvements will follow.

Our original plans were to get everything converted, a new website created and the Clarionshop entries updated before making any public announcement.  However, in order to  put everyone’s mind at rest about the future viability of the SealSoft templates, we have decided to change our strategy a bit.


Going forward…

The new xProduct installers that we are building will have full support for all Clarion versions, starting with whatever versions the templates currently support and up through Clarion 9.1.  Once everything is in our new universal build system, we can easily add support for new Clarion versions as they come along.

There will be a small upgrade fee for any template that has not been purchased since we acquired SealSoft and it’s products.  Anyone who purchased (or purchases) any of the templates between now and the time when the new installers are released will receive a free upgrade to the new versions.

As with our ProSeries templates, it is not our policy to charge for upgrades simply because SoftVelocity comes out with a new version of Clarion.  So once you become our customer (either by purchasing a template or an upgrade), you will receive the new versions of that template at no charge until such time as we make enough improvements that we feel an upgrade fee is justified.  Whenever you buy a template or the upgrade, you are entitled to free updates for a minimum of one year.

If there is an improvement or feature that you would like to see for one of the templates (or an idea for a new template), please let us know.


Availability of the new installers

Rather than wait until all of the new help files are written and the other changes are completed, we have decided to push forward with getting all of the xProduct templates into our new universal build system.  As soon as we complete that task we will be making new installers with full support for Clarion versions up through C9.1 available.  Then as we continue to upgrade the templates, documentation and make other enhancements we will push them out as minor release upgrades.


The future of the xProducts

We are excited to have acquired the SealSoft templates.  Our friends Alexander and Evgeny created some great templates and we did not want to see them slip by the wayside after Alexander’s passing and Evgeny’s decision to move on to other interests.  We have some nice enhancements in the works for them and ideas for other xProduct templates that we will be adding in the future.

Please note that since we have spilled the beans early in making this announcement, we would appreciate everyone being patient until we release the new installers.  Hopefully we will complete the task by the end of October.

We look forward to welcoming all of the current and future SealSoft customers into the LANSRAD family.

Charles Edmonds

3 Responses to “9-24-2014 Announcement – LANSRAD acquires SealSoft and all of the xProducts”

  1. on 01 Oct 2014 at 20:04Piet Bouma

    Great news !

  2. on 27 Jan 2015 at 07:33news

    any news? 9.1 builds?

  3. on 27 Jan 2015 at 07:49Charles

    While we are still finishing off some of the conversions and will not be updating the website until we are done, many of the products are now available for C9.1.

    Just contact sealsoft AT lansrad DOT com and let us know which ones you are interested in.


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